It’s in the detail and deep reflection that strategies take shape and cases are won. We promise to give you our very best. We are committed to supporting you through adversity and legal battles.

Our commitments: afirm focused on human relations.

It’s by taking people into account that the greatest projects come to fruition. That’s why BRIZON & MOUSAEI never delegates or subcontracts a single case, but rather works in synergy with its partners and network whenever necessary, whatever the stakes, the amount of our services or the duration of our collaboration.

Our expertise: adapting to your needs thanks to our broad scope of intervention.


Life insurance: Study the legal and tax treatment of life insurance contracts – Draft a beneficiary clause – Matrimonial property regimes and life insurance).

Personal liability insurance: Litigation for bodily injury, property damage and consequential loss.

Professional liability insurance: Liability for healthcare professionals, legal professionals, number crunchers, real estate and construction professionals.

Business insurance: multi-risk professional liability, operating liability, insurance of premises, stock and equipment, cyber-insurance, key-man insurance.

Industrial and environmental risk: environmental liability insurance, site and water remediation, classified installations, soil law.


Incorporation, transformation and restructuring of companies.

Financing and credit.

Contributions, mergers, demergers and partial contributions of assets.

Legal, social and tax audits of equity transactions.

Compliance and criminal accounting and financial law.

Sales or purchases of shares, business assets or entire business lines.

Crisis management, dissolutions and liquidation.

All other corporate law operations, handling day-to-day business and commercial litigation.


Support for public and private operators in regulated sectors (transport, telecoms, energy, healthcare, gaming, data management, etc.).

Compliance and business ethics.


Civil and commercial contracts.

Confidentiality protocol, pre-contract, talks, letter of intent.

Drafting of sales contracts: Distribution, supply, commercial agent, license, franchise, business contributor, deposit, etc.

Drafting of industrial contracts: EPC, FIDIC, subcontracting, etc.

Goodwill and commercial leases.

Competition and distribution.

Intellectual property.

Crisis management.


Payment and credit instruments.

Financing: bank, inter-company, participative, fund-raising, etc.

Assistance with regulatory authorities: AMF, ACPR, etc.

Litigation concerning licenses and approvals.


The transition from individual to corporate exercise.

Optimizing taxation, management and administration.

Setting up SELARLs, SELAFAs, SELCAs, SELASs, SPEs, SPFPLs, etc.

Assistance and support before professional bodies.


Real estate agent.
Audit and drafting of commercial leases.
Manage landlord, tenant and condominium relations.
Assistance to SDCs: contentious condominium by-laws, work and service charge disputes.

Public and private works and service contracts :

Builders’ liability, ten-year warranty, biennial warranty, guarantee of perfect completion…
Public and private project management.
Project management and assistance to the owner.
Subcontracting: approval, provision of payment guarantees and direct payment…
Assistance and advice during work execution: additional work, unforeseen circumstances, price revisions, penalties and default interest, advances, progress payments, acceptance of work, reservations, removal of reservations, etc.
Preventive interim injunction, provisional interim injunction, hourly interim injunction, interim statement of facts, assistance with expert appraisals.


Que vous soyez basé en France ou à l’étranger. Que vous soyez entrepreneur individuel, structure à taille humaine, PME ou Grands Comptes.
Que vous décidiez de venir à nous ou nous faire venir à vous, nous sommes toujours disponible pour nous préoccuper de vous.

C’est pourquoi nombre important de chefs d’entreprises, d’institutionnels et personnalités publiques nous ont fait confiance,
pourquoi pas vous ?

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